On December 2, 2014, Meritech was proud to sponsor and attend the 2014 Pillar Award for Community Service event. The Pillar Awards were found by Smart Business seventeen years ago.

We would like to congratulate our customers, Cornerstone of Hope and Towards Employment, as recipients of this prestigious award. Mark Tripodi, representing Cornerstone of Hope, and Jill Rizika, representing Towards Employment, were awarded the Non-Profit Executive Director 2014 honors.

At Meritech, our culture is one that emphasizes public service and volunteerism. The boost in morale that comes with employees giving back to the community is apparent. We also find that when employees work together on various charity projects, it fosters cooperation on work projects.

By matching our employees’ charitable donation, it encourages participation and doubles the impact of our collective gifts. It is seen as a point of pride by our employees to know they work for a company that shares their sense of giving.

To affect positive change, we connect to those in need by giving back. Our philanthropic efforts help provide strength to many, resulting in a boost to the local economy. We look throughout our community and evaluate areas in need of support. we researched charities and verify that every dollar donated goes straight to the cause. Charities supported are local and within the immediate community.

It’s clear that our corporate philanthropy efforts show our customers that we care about more than selling our products. The end result is greater customer loyalty and a stronger bond within the community.

No matter the motivation, it is important for all organizations to get involved in charitable endeavors in order to strengthen our communities. By embracing philanthropy as a core business practice, we reap rewards that can’t be measured in dollars. It is an essential part of doing business.

We are honored to sponsor an award catered to the same attitude we strive to embody. Even more, we are proud to call two honorees our valued customers.

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