Responsible business practices benefit us all.

Being a good steward of our environment is a commitment Meritech makes through our business practices, culture and values. This commitment extends from our team to the way we advise and assist organizations to help them gain better control over their energy usage and efficiency.

sustain_79520695 Join us in our sustainability commitment

We keep our business green by implementing and following responsible business practices that help reduce waste and carbon emissions, protecting our environment for future generations. Our company works to minimize waste and energy use through:

  • Recycling
  • Minimizing paper usage and waste
  • Employing energy-efficient equipment

We also recognize that many businesses lack the resources or expertise to manage their documents, printing and IT network efficiently. Our managed services offering enables organizations to identify significant cost savings and improve productivity with environmental benefits.

Managed services help businesses reduce their financial and environmental costs by:

  • Consolidating devices and workflows
  • Employing electronic document management/virtualization technologies
  • Streamlining network management

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