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Meritech has been awarded Kyocera’s Service Excellence Award – Service Solutions Provider (SSP) since the start of our relationship with Kyocera more than a dozen years ago. From our start through today Meritech has dedicated itself to being the very best at providing a complete and comprehensive portfolio of products and services to our customers.

Meritech has long been focused on having a 360-degree approach as total document solutions company, providing the latest document imaging devices, and advanced business applications. Meritech has been a leader in our industry for years and one of the forebearers of the philosophy of total document solutions.

In 2013, using companies like Meritech as its template, Kyocera renewed their commitment to their customers by introducing “Total Document Solutions” endorsement. This series of training courses ensures that dealers with the TDS level of certification have set themselves apart from the competition as an elite level dealership that is prepared to handle the challenges of today’s technology in all office environments. Meritech was one of the first to earn the TDS certification.

Here is a press clipping from the launch of TDS.

A Total Document Solutions Focus – April 9, 2013

Kyocera president and CEO, Nori Ina, made it clear that Kyocera views its mission as a joint undertaking between the company and its independent dealers. “Kyocera is 100% committed to being a dealer-centric company,” he said when addressing the dealers. “We understand that you need a complete solution for your customers’ needs. Our goal is to continue to expand our company’s core competencies, combined with your unique capabilities, and together we will be able to provide your customers with a complete, 360-degree resolution to their business challenges.”

Mr. Ina’s pledge was validated by a number of Kyocera’s dealer-oriented initiatives, most notably its Certified Total Document Solutions (TDS) Provider Program; a training agenda that educates dealers and their sales, pre-sales and post-sales teams, via online training courses, webinars and instructor-led classes. The comprehensive set of training modules provides dealers with a complete understanding of Kyocera’s technology—along with the latest skills they can use to resolve customer business challenges.

At Meritech we are serious about being a “Total Document Solutions” provider. We have a team of specialist who will look to provide your business with the best and newest technology in a way that works for you.


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