American Copitek Was Born

April, 1978

On April 17, American Copitek was born. 4 Employees included Dennis Bednar, Rod Nafziger, Charlie Adams (Technician), Greg Ledyard (Sales Rep).

Started in the basement of Dennis Bednar’s house in Brecksville. Had no manufacturer authorization. Sold Olivetti copiers. Had to have equip. shipped to Toledo because not authorized in Cleveland. Sold the first Mita 900D to Garretsville Newspaper. The Mita equipment only caught on fire three times in the field!

The Blues Brothers Make Their First Appearance

April, 1978

It was Marshall Checker, of the legendary Checker brothers, who first discovered them in the gritty blues clubs of Chicago’s South Side in 1969 and handed them their big break nine years later—actually that's not true, but it’s the story that Saturday Night Live‘s Paul Shaffer told on April 22, 1978

December, 1978

Our First Christmas

First company Christmas Party at the Tangiers with 4 employees.

A Rock-Filled New Year's Eve

December, 1978

The Winterland Ballroom venue in San Francisco closes with a New Year's Eve performance by the Grateful Dead, New Riders of the Purple Sage and the Blues Brothers.


Our First Move

February, 1979

Moved from the basement in Brecksville to Midwest Avenue in Garfield Heights. Got caught using residence as a business.

Here Come Dire Straits

February, 1979

Dire Straits begin their first U.S. tour in Boston.

April, 1980

Became an Authorized
Minolta Dealer

Became an authorized Minolta dealer. Employed 6 technicians and 6 sales reps. $1,600,00 in sales. Sold the Minolta EP310 and EP320. EP320 was exceptional because of it’s stationary top but did not have 11 x 17 copy capability. Purchased 300 EP320’s for $1,100 each. Approached Minolta to pay for equipment over 2 years. They had never been approached with such a request. It took 6 years to pay Minolta back.

Back in Black

August, 1980

AC/DC release Back in Black which later becomes the highest selling album by any band to date.

January, 1981

Meritech Signs University

Awarded contract to provide all copiers to University Hospitals. This was our biggest account ever. It was the beginning of getting the contracts for several hospitals including Fairview General, Mt. Sinai, Parma Hospital, St. Vincent, St. Alexis Hospital.

Rush, Moving Pictures

February, 1981

Rush release the highly regarded album Moving Pictures which eventually becomes the band's sixth platinum album.

April, 1981

Meritech Moves Again

Moved to 210 Hayes Drive, Brooklyn Heights.

Introducing "Tom's Diner"

November, 1981

While sitting in Tom's Restaurant in New York City, Suzanne Vega composes the song "Tom's Diner."

January, 1982

So long, American Copitek

Our name changed from American Copitek to Meritech.

The Number of the Beast

March, 1982

Iron Maiden release "The Number of the Beast," the critically acclaimed yet controversial album often hailed as Iron Maiden's greatest.

January, 1983

Minolta EP450Z

Minolta EP450Z introduced. First copier with reduction and enlargement. Meritech was now selling 100 units per month.

Thriller Hits #1

February, 1983

Michael Jackson's Thriller album hits #1 on the US charts, the first of thirty-seven (non-consecutive) weeks it would spend there on its way to becoming the biggest-selling album of all time.

August, 1986

Warehouse Fire

We suffered massive warehouse fire on Hayes Drive. The insurance company was not covering all losses. Alex Sill Co. stepped in to work with the insurance company, and all losses were covered to keep Meritech in business.

Final Smiths Show

December, 1986

The Smiths play Brixton Academy, their last ever gig before their dissolution.

January, 1988

New Height in Sales

55 employees and $10,000,000 in sales.

Rattle and Hum

November, 1988

U2's Rattle and Hum hits the Number One spot on the U.S. charts, the first double album to do so since Bruce Springsteen's The River in 1980.

January, 1989

Meritech Moves to
Brooklyn Heights

Moved to 4800 VanEpps Rd., Brooklyn Heights. Grown out on office space on Hayes Drive.

"Like a Prayer" Video Released

March, 1989

Madonna's "Like a Prayer" music video, taped in late December 1988, attracts criticism for its use of Catholic Church iconography and for the use of cross burning imagery, but also garners praise for its interpretation of discrimination, rape, and faith.

January, 1992

8 Million in Sales

Meritech reaches $8,400,000 annual sales.

Guns N' Roses Set Records

July, 1992

"November Rain" by Guns N' Roses enters the world record books when it becomes the longest single, at 8 minutes, 57 seconds, to reach the US Top 20. The single's video has a budget of over US$1.5 million, becoming the most expensive at the time.

January, 1995

Sold Konica Customer Base

Sold Konica customer base to Blue Technologies. $7,600,000 annual sales.

The Bends

March, 1995

Radiohead album The Bends is released.

January, 2001

Another Huge Sales Record

Meritech reaches $11,000,000 in annual sales. The company has 75 employees.

Blink-182 Release a Major Hit

June, 2001

Blink-182 release their fourth studio album Take Off Your Pants And Jacket which would later sell 14 million copies worldwide. This was the band's second successful album.

January, 2003

Partnership with the
Cleveland Indians Begins

Signed on to be an authorized Kyocera dealer. Started our partnership with the Cleveland Indians.

Metallica's New Bassist

February, 2003

Robert Trujillo joins Metallica as bassist. The rest of the band now consists of James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Lars Ulrich.

January, 2004

Growth Brings Another

Meritech expands and moves out of VanEpps Rd. office and moved to new 45,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters at 4577 Hinckley Industrial Pkwy., Cleveland.

Modest Mouse Release "Float On"

April, 2004

Modest Mouse, an American indie rock band releases Good News for People Who Love Bad News. "Float On" appears on the album and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song in 2005.

January, 2007

Introducing EAutomate

Meritech converts its our business operations system from OMD to EAutomate.

Great Year for Glastonbury

June, 2007

The Glastonbury Festival has a critically significant year over four days featuring Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, The Who and Shirley Bassey.

January, 2008

New Peak in Annual Sales

$13,000,000 annual sales. 80 employees.

Tha Carter III Does 1 Million

June, 2008

Lil Wayne's sixth album Tha Carter III sells 1 million copies in its first week of release.

August, 2010

Awarded Cleveland Muni Schools

Awarded Cleveland Muni Schools contract installing 287 machines.

Gaga Sweeps the VMAs

September, 2010

Lady Gaga sweeps the Video Music Awards, winning 8 awards, 7 for her "Bad Romance" video, and Best Collaboration for her song "Telephone" with Beyoncé. Gaga also gave an acceptance speech for Video of the Year in a dress made entirely of meat

August, 2013

MetroHospitals Contract Awarded

Awarded MetroHospitals contract installing approx. 800 machines. Currently at 1,497 machines.

Blurred Lines, Hot 100

September, 2013

Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell keep "Blurred Lines" in the Billboard Hot 100 for twelve weeks.

January, 2014

Cloud Division

Started Meritech’s Telcom/Cloud Division.

1989 Released

October, 2014

Taylor Swift releases her fifth studio album, 1989, which debuts at number one with 1.287,000 copies sold in its first week.

January, 2015

Largest Dealer in the Midwest

Kyocera $10,000,000 is wholesale. Named Kyocera’s largest dealer in the Midwest. Rebranded Meritech “M” logo.

Hello, Adele

November, 2015

Adele's comeback single "Hello" became the first song with over a million digital sales in a week.

January, 2016

Akron Schools Contract

Awarded Akron Schools contract installing 125 machines.

Ground Control to Major Tom

January, 2016

David Bowie released his final album, Blackstar, just two days before his death.

June, 2016

New Record in Revenue

First Meritech Customer Golf Outing held at Signature of Solon with 100 customers in attendance. Reached a record $15,900,000 in revenue.

Life of Pablo

December, 2016

Earlier in the year, Kanye West releases The Life of Pablo. The Life of Pablo became the first streaming only album to go platinum, becoming West's eighth platinum album.

January, 2017

Awarded the Konica-Minolta
ProTech Award

Meritech was awarded the Konica Minolta ProTech Award for 25 years. Meritech was awarded the Kyocera Customer Service Excellence award for 15 years.

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Return

November, 2017

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill released their first collaborative album, The Rest of Our Life. The album is Hill's first studio release in twelve years.

January, 2018

ACE Acquisition

Meritech acquires ACE, projecting $30,000,000 in combined Meritech/ACE sales.

Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl

January, 2018

P!nk performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" and Timberlake performed at halftime at Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.