What are the computer requirements?

You need a networked computer system that is typically powered on 24 hours a day. It does not have to be a dedicated system. Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 or later is required.

What exactly are you collecting with the DCA?

We collect the SNMP data out of your network connected print devices. This data is generally viewable through the device's web administration page.

Can you tell me more about the security?

When the meter collection software is installed, a fingerprint code is created by the software installed on your system. This information is used to generate a unique 8 character authentication code that is input into the software on your end. Even though we only collect device data, we use 128 bit encryption for the data, the same encryption level used when you do online banking. Absolutely no document or end-user information is ever collected.

I have devices that are not on the network. Can you get the meters from those as well?

Unfortunately, we can't get the meters from non-connected copiers.

There are many advantages to connecting your copiers for printing and scanning. Have a discussion with your account executive concerning the benefits of connecting your devices.

For locally connected printers, we have software that can collect meters. Please contact your account representative if you would like more information.

What can you tell me about bandwidth usage and file sizes?

The data collection agent creates a network byte load of about 93kb to scan an entire subnet. By comparison, loading a standard webpage creates a network byte load of about 60kb. Additionally, the encrypted text file that is transmitted to our server is very small. A file containing data on 400 print devices would be about 50kb.

I have devices on my network that are not from Meritech. What can you tell me about those?

We can probably tell you a lot about those devices that you would have never guessed. We can take the data from all of your network devices and provide you with an analysis of your total print volume and usage trends and offer suggestions for improvement or cost savings.

How can I verify that this is all that you are collecting?

You can view the transmitted information at C:\Program Files\Data Collector Agent\Data_Archive. The archive files are automatically deleted at set intervals.

So, I can install this on just any old computer we happen to have?

Well, you could install this on "any old computer" however this software represents a long term solution. When selecting a system to host the software, don't pick something you are planning to replace soon. And don't worry, if you do need to replace the computer, it's not a problem we can help you reinstall it at any time.

What happens if the software stops working? How will I know?

We will set up an automated alert that will tell you when any of your Meritech devices become unavailable (stale). Once you receive the alert, you should check the device and check the software. If the account continues to be inactive, we will attempt to contact you by phone and email in an effort to get it restarted. If your billing date comes due during the time the software is unavailable, we will send you a meter request. If you continue to fail to respond to our requests for assistance to get the software restarted, we will reset our system to generate manual meter requests.

What ports are used for communication?

There are two methods the DCA can use to send information to the central server: HTTPS and HTTP. During the installation, the DCA will attempt to communicate with HTTPS (port 443) first, and if that fails, HTTP (port 80). Additionally, if you use a proxy server to control internet access, those settings can be programmed into the software.

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