April, 1978

American Copitek Was Born

On April 17, American Copitek was born. 4 Employees included Dennis Bednar, Rod Nafziger, Charlie Adams (Technician), Greg Ledyard (Sales Rep).

Started in the basement of Dennis Bednar’s house in Brecksville. Had no manufacturer authorization. Sold Olivetti copiers. Had to have equip. shipped to Toledo because not authorized in Cleveland. Sold the first Mita 900D to Garretsville Newspaper. The Mita equipment only caught on fire three times in the field!


December, 1978

Our First Christmas

First company Christmas Party at the Tangiers with 4 employees.

February, 1979

Our First Move

Moved from the home basement in Brecksville, Ohio to Midwest Avenue in Garfield Heights, Ohio.


April, 1980

Became an Authorized Minolta Dealer

Became an authorized Minolta dealer. Employed 6 technicians and 6 sales reps. $1,600,00 in sales. Sold the Minolta EP310 and EP320. EP320 was exceptional because of it’s stationary top but did not have 11 x 17 copy capability. Purchased 300 EP320’s for $1,100 each. Approached Minolta to pay for equipment over 2 years. They had never been approached with such a request. It took 6 years to pay Minolta back.

January, 1981

Meritech Signs University Hospitals

Awarded contract to provide all copiers to University Hospitals. This was our biggest account ever. It was the beginning of getting the contracts for several hospitals including Fairview General, Mt. Sinai, Parma Hospital, St. Vincent, St. Alexis Hospital.


April, 1981

Meritech Moves Again

Moved to 210 Hayes Drive, Brooklyn Heights, Ohio.

January, 1982

So long, American Copitek 

Our name changed from American Copitek to Meritech.


January, 1983

Minolta EP450Z 

Minolta EP450Z introduced. First copier with reduction and enlargement. Meritech was now selling 100 units per month.


August, 1986

Warehouse Fire

We suffered massive warehouse fire on Hayes Drive. The insurance company was not covering all losses. Alex Sill Co. stepped in to work with the insurance company, and all losses were covered to keep Meritech in business.


January, 1988

New Height in Sales

55 employees and $10,000,000 in sales.

January, 1989

Meritech Moves to Brooklyn Heights

Moved to 4800 VanEpps Rd., Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. Grown out on office space on Hayes Drive.


January, 1992

8 Million in Sales

Meritech reaches $8,400,000 annual sales.

January, 1995

Sold Konica Customer Base

Sold Konica customer base to Blue Technologies. $7,600,000 annual sales.


January, 2001

Another Huge Sales Record

Meritech reaches $11,000,000 in annual sales. The company has 75 employees.

January, 2003

Partnership with the Cleveland Indians Begins

Signed on to be an authorized Kyocera dealer. Started our partnership with the Cleveland Indians.


January, 2004

Growth Brings Another Move

Meritech expands and moves out of VanEpps Rd. office and moved to new 45,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters at 4577 Hinckley Industrial Pkwy., Cleveland, Ohio.

January, 2007

Introducing e-automate

Meritech converts its business operations system from OMD to e-automate.


January, 2008

New Peak in Annual Sales

$13,000,000 annual sales. 80 employees.

August, 2010

Awarded Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Awarded Cleveland Metropolitan School District contract installing 287 machines.


August, 2013

MetroHealth Medical Systems Contract Awarded

Awarded MetroHealth Medical Systems contract installing approx. 800 machines. Currently at 1,497 machines.

January, 2014

Cloud Division

Started Meritech’s Telcom/Cloud Division.


January, 2015

Largest Kyocera Dealer in the Midwest

Kyocera $10,000,000 is wholesale. Named Kyocera’s largest dealer in the Midwest. Rebranded Meritech “M” logo.

January, 2016

Akron Public Schools Contract

Awarded Akron Public Schools contract installing 125 machines.


June, 2016

New Record in Revenue

First Meritech Customer Golf Outing held at Signature of Solon with 100 customers in attendance. Reached a record $15,900,000 in revenue.


January, 2017

Awarded the Konica-Minolta ProTech Award

Meritech was awarded the Konica Minolta ProTech Award for 25 years. Meritech was awarded the Kyocera Customer Service Excellence award for 15 years.


January, 2018

ACE Acquisition

Meritech acquires ACE, projecting $30,000,000 in combined Meritech/ACE sales.


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