Meritech offers proven business technology solutions backed by decades of experience and expertise.


IT Infrastructure

Your IT Infrastructure connects everyone and everything

We understand your IT challenges. That’s why we offer a wide range of IT solutions that are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. Whether you need add-on services to assist your internal IT department, or a partner capable of complete IT management, Meritech has the expertise you need to support your hardware, software, applications, and more.


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Copiers & Printers

Your copiers & printers can help maximize office productivity

Meritech has decades of experience and expertise with copiers, printers, and wide-format printers. We are vendor neutral and entirely focused on finding the right print and document solutions to help you become more productive and more profitable.


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Content Management

Every business has volumes of content to manage

Meritech can help you organize your content, optimize storage / retrieval, and optimize workflows to trim costs and improve efficiencies. And, when you’re ready to share your content with the world, we can help build a website or start a marketing campaign.


Energy Consulting

Your business literally runs on energy, but the investment is often overlooked

Meritech is a one-stop procurement specialist. With our partner, TPI Efficiency, we can help you analyze your energy investment and get more than 160 suppliers to compete for your business and save you money.

 Brands We Work With

It's time to unleash your technology greatness

Technology matters to your business and Meritech can help you get even more out of it. We’ll help you drive your business with a solid technology roadmap and the service and support to see it through. It’s the way to truly empower your business and drive results.