Print Management

Take control of your print environment.


Do you know how much your company spends on your corporate printing – including equipment, service, consumables, parts and staff time? Studies show this figure typically averages about 3 percent of a company’s annual revenue.

But 90 percent of your printing expenses may be invisible or uncontrolled.

Meritech’s Print Management specialists help companies gain control of their print environment with customized plans, device monitoring and rule-based printing to drive productivity and minimize downtime. Our flexible services can be customized to your company’s current business process and evolving needs.

Our Print Management specialists can design a solution for your business that includes:

  • Printer assessments – Learn the risk areas in your print environment and get recommendations to control printing costs, printing efficiencies and printing management.

  • Multifunction printers and copiers – Consult with print specialists on how to purchase the right printers and copiers for your business.

  • Service agreements – Receive customized plans for new and existing printers.

  • Printer cost reduction – Find out where you can save money on printing processes, devices and equipment and how to plan improvements to reduce costs.

Move from a scattered and unmanaged print process to one that is centralized and controlled. Schedule your Free Printer Assessment to get started today.


See what print management can do for you